Falster Farm Fresh Food Club Contract

brand_falster_75_75In order for you to gain the most from your FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB experience, the following document has been carefully designed to outline the policies of our FOOD CLUB. (Jump to our F.A.Q. page) or (Jump to Sign Up Form)

Food Club Concepts:  

Nationwide, locals are forming FOOD CLUBS and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) organizations to participate or partner with a local farmer(s) so that they can take advantage of locally grown – delicious – healthful foods; in fact they have discovered an exciting alternative to grocery stores and the factory farm food chain. By supporting the Falster Family’s local farm you directly eliminate the middle man (grocer/broker,) reduce packaging, long haul shipments, chemical induced, growth hormonal foods and; in exchange, receive nutritious, locally grown, often heirloom – always sunny – nutrient dense real foods on a weekly basis, at an agreed upon local location.

The lynch pin in the FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB concept is properly raised vegetables, animal protein (beef, pork, chicken, eggs), and honey! Members receive produce from our farm to their table that was raised without chemicals. There will be optional purchase opportunities for pastured beef, pork, chicken and eggs, honey, bread and cheese. Our farming practice affords your family’s table food that is fresh, clean, delicious and fit to eat. Membership entails purchasing shares of the program. A membership share is $29.00 per week for 26 weeks ($754)starting April 11, 2013. In this membership you’re a valuable partner with the farmer and fellow members. OR you may purchase a ½ share which gives you the same benefits every other week ($377).

On Falster Farm you will enjoy the food of a full orbed Bio Dynamic and non-government certified Organic farming practice. FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB offers rare, if not a unique, delight for the appetite and health conscious member.

We do all we can to assure a full and wonderful harvest, but certain things are beyond our control and yields may not always be as bountiful as we planned for. Falster Farm cannot guarantee the delivery of specific crops at specific times in specific quantities.

Membership Responsibilities:

As a FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB member, I understand it is my responsibility to pick up my weekly share of food from the chosen pickup location during the designated time frame. Late or missed pick-ups are not eligible for credits.

I will SIGN IN to indicate that I have picked up my share. If I think there has been a mistake, I will call FALSTER FARM. 

Holiday Changes:  FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB publishes regular updates /information about all manner of their operations including holiday schedule changes, weekly contents of a food share, bonus produce available, etc. on the WEB (Face Book, Blog) and E-mail. 

As a FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB member, I understand that it is my responsibility to open and read the emails (including payment notices) so that I stay informed.

If I cannot pick up my weekly share, I understand that it is my responsibility to choose one of these options:

  1.  Make arrangements to have someone pick up my share and check off my name on the sign-in sheet.
  2.  Notify  FALSTER FARM that I would like to donate my share to another.

As a FOOD CLUB member, I understand that if I do not pick up my share within the distribution time frame, it will be donated to an interested party or facility, designated by pickup location host or FALSTER FARM.

Payments: You may pay by check mailed to FALSTER FARM c/o Fresh Food Club 2112 CR 4778 Winnsboro, Texas 75494 call 903-629-3034.

As a FOOD CLUB member, I agree to pay my account in a timely manner and keep my membership account information up to date.

Suspension of service: 

Your share will not be delivered if you have not paid your account balance as agreed upon.


FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB subscriptions are seasonal and paid for in advance.  I understand that Falster Farm does not offer refunds; however, I am aware that I can transfer my membership to anyone who agrees to the FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB policy.  It is my responsibility to notify Falster Farm of any membership transfers.  If I am moving, I will notify Falster Farm as soon as possible in order to work out a reasonable solution.

Communication: (Subscription Sign On)

Falster Farm  Fresh Food Club communicates with its members mainly through email, on Face Book, and Blog updates that include contents of that weeks food share, recipes and/or tips for processing and handling of certain food items, farm updates, policy changes, and the like. Falster Farm Fresh Food Club does not sell or rent the email list.

As a FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB member, I understand that it is my responsibility to open and read the emails (including payment notices) so that I stay informed. If my email address or any other contact information changes, I will contact nancy@falsterfarm.com, 903-629-3034.

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My Contact Information:

Last Name _______________________________, First Name_________________________

Phone (s) _______________________________ (D)  ___________________________ (Evening)

Email ______________________________   

Membership Category:  __________  Full share [$754] or 1/2 share  __________ [$377]


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