Community Supported Agriculture or Food Club

My mama would love this Fresh Food Club!

Freshly picked Share Basket ready for packing and load out.

Freshly picked Share Basket ready for packing and load out.

Most everything I do at Falster Farm is with my beloved mother Reba Sue in mind. My wife Nancy and I seek to offer you the golden mean: not too much produce in a share, and not too little, not too many exotic items, but not so few that the eating becomes too pedestrian for the jet pilot cooks in our community. This isn’t the easy road to travel. If we only defined success as a weekly box full of vegetables, well, then those that can’t get through that much abundance may ultimately decide our Food Club won’t work for them.

Over the years, I’ve had conversations with people that once were CSA members, but have given up. They’ve told me that they just can’t get through all of the produce they receive, that the weekly burden of “so many” items is simply too much for them to handle. What results is waste, both from produce composting in the crisper, and of the opportunity to bring another devoted family into CSA membership, supporting their local farmer, and helping us to expand this food movement of  Community & Opportunity & Real Food, which is our Falster Farm Mission, to an obese and dying culture!

There’s nothing wrong with giving out giant abundant shares, but if our hard labors rot in your crisper because we’re giving you more than you can use, that doesn’t do either of us any good. We’re here to fix that, to partner with you in getting the right amount of food for your lifestyle. View our Food Club Member Contract here.


Common items found in our shares:


Each week your share contents will differ. We plant over 30 different varieties that rotate throughout the season.

Spring: Spinach, Asparagus, Radish, Scallions, Salad Mix, Hakurei turnips, Kale Summer: Tomatoes, Green Beans, Melons, Peppers, Potatoes, Garlic, Onions Fall: Winter Squash, Eggplant, Rutabaga, Kohlrabi, Carrots, Cabbage, Broccoli

CSA or Food Club Financial Aid Options:

Find out if you are eligible for a health insurance rebate. Health insurance companies are encouraging their members to eat healthy by joining a CSA or FOOD CLUB farm! Learn More…