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Our Falster Farm Fresh Food Club is gaining momentum as more and more folks hear about it. there are lots of people who are interested in getting local, healthy food but have not known where to turn. The local farmers markets in the various towns are meeting a great need but there are many who can’t make it to a Saturday market and our Fresh Food Club will fit their needs exactly. Also, many folks in East Texas like the adventure of receiving their food bag and ‘going with the flow’ of what is really in season.

What’s your reason for being interested in our Fresh Food Club? Are you looking for vegetables that are in season and grown in nutrient dense soil? Are you interested in buying local and knowing the farmer that grows your food? Maybe you’re looking forward to the add-ons like cheese, fire-baked bread or honey? Or is your mouth watering for tender t-bones, grilled burgers with clover finished beef or BBQ ribs from pastured pork?

Whatever your reasons – don’t delay – sign up TODAY for your share of Falster Farm Fresh Food Club as we only have a limited number of spots open and when they are filled, we’ll start a waiting list. (Jump To Contract)

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