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Falster Farm meal and planning session

On Falster Farm you will find a Full-Orbed Southern Agricultural farming enterprise seeking to implement the Dominion Mandate of good stewardship, providing a Community – Opportunity – Real Food.


We make every effort to positively affect our public and private culture by providing and involving our local, national and international communities. We accomplish this by actively seeking international and domestic interns, WWOOFers, and apprentices. Folks of all ages  come to our farm from all walks of life and we accept them without regard to race, color, or creed. We are a small family farm – an entrepreneurial effort that we are willing to teach to anyone who has a desire to learn – you can do this as well. We have no government involvement or support on Falster Farm.


We provide an opportunity for others to do as we do (in their own way of course) and learn from us. Karl and I offer a consulting service here at our farm, yours or somewhere in between. 1970 was quite a while back and since that time, collectively Karl & Nancy have been gathering knowledge and experience in their fields of interest: organic, bio-dynamic methods for gardening and agrarian practices as well as wholesome cooking, civic activism and education. You have an opportunity to participate in the fruits of their labor in several different ways. When you buy and animal from the Falster’s you will also get their best suggestions on how to be successful in raising that animal. when you become a member of their Fresh Food Club, you take an active role with others in the Community by not only helping to ensure the farmer has capitol to get a garden up and going, but by reaping the rewards of that garden at harvest. It’s what we call a WIN/WIN. When you contract with the Falster’s to teach on a subject through their consulting you not only  some tried and true methods of sustainable rural life, but now you are part of the chain to pass knowledge on to others and give them an opportunity to help restore, rebuild and refresh the land around their sphere of influence as well.

By hosting folks from around the various  states and  all over the world, we provide a microcosm of life here that many have not experienced. Not only rural, farm life but a family-like setting that offers time and opportunity to discuss issues in life and about life. Our guests experience our good days and even the not-so-good as that is real life on a farm; they are invited to celebrate victories and bow their heads with us  as we offer thanks for the bounty provided to us. As we practice the Dominion Mandate, our guests have an opportunity to learn and expand their mental faculties as do we because there is always something to learn from every person who spends any time with us at all at Falster Farm.

SproutsReal Food

Ah, this is where the pay-off is. We’ve had guests arrive for a week and decide to stay for extended periods of time and a major part of their decision was the food they were able to consume while domiciled at Falster Farm. Even kids who did not care a ‘fig’ for nutritious meals upon arrival noticed the difference in their bodies after only a few days of enjoying real food 3 times a day and began to look forward to raw milk and fresh eggs along with pastured meats and home made bread.

Our own improved health is enough for us to stick with eating real food and we enjoy sharing with any and all who grace our table with their presence. Old ways of preparation are being ‘discovered’ again and we embrace all methods of bringing food to life. I tell the children in my cooking for kids classes that our body is a food bank and we must make more deposits than withdrawals if we want to be healthy and strong. Falster Farm provides the raw material to bring that into reality.

Perhaps you are not a guest or plan to be a WWOOFer  at Falster Farm, you still can enjoy the rich, fulfilling treats enjoyed by others when you participate in the Falster Farm Fresh Food Club. Every week for 26 weeks, Food Club members will be receiving produce grown in soil being nurtured in the bio-dynamic fashion; the proof is in the tasting. Not only that, Chef Nancy will be providing recipes for members to try and optional items to tempt any taste such as farmstead cheese, fire baked bread, raw honey, and pastured meats to name a few.

Plus, Food Club members will receive invitations to events at the farm where they’ll meet other club members and visit with the Falsters up close and personal.

Real food is what is found at Falster Farm and real food matters.

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