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WatermelonsHow can I get your food?

Our farm fresh food is available for those committed members who pay an annual membership fee for a weekly supply of “Locally Grown” produce.  We have limited spots open, and choose to limit our travel to assure freshness.

What is locally grown?

Falster Farm fresh food is available for members that pick up their shares at a drop site that is on a line between our Wood County Farm and a distance within 50 miles. We do not believe it is conducive to the food value to ship any further than that mileage. Additionally, many of the heirloom varieties/gourmet varieties you will receive in your share don’t ship well. They are tender and sensitive. So, if you have a local drop point within these parameters, we welcome your participation.

Cabbage RowsWhere is your Sign Up Form? How do I pay?

You may send us a check, cash, gold or silver, or ask and we will send you an invoice to pay by PayPal. We have a Sign Up Form that you should print out and mail to us indicating your choice or call Nancy at 903.629.3034

Is your farm Certified Organic?

compost in hand

No we are not “certified organic” because we believe that the greatest accountability is knowing our customers, and our customers knowing our family.  Nancy and I are members of Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Assoc. (TOFGA) and I’ve has been growing food as a professional organic horticulturist since 1970 in South Carolina, Mississippi and Texas. Nancy has been involved in Bio-Dynamic gardening since 1999.

FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB is committed to using NO synthetic materials on our crops and our land utilizing ONLY 100% natural fertilizers and pest control efforts, focusing on the health of our soils (because our family lives here and we eat this food too).  We have observed that the governments “organic standards” have been watered-down to allow big business to get into this market while neglecting the integrity of your local food economy and its original intent of certification.

We have many farmer friends who are “certified organic” or “certified naturally grown”, and we respect their choices to do so, however, the burdensome paper work and costly fees paid to inspectors do not appeal to us and only adds unwarranted increased pricing points to our produce.

We prefer to spend our time with our family, our farm and building relationships with our customers.  Our intensive management programs include open-pollinated heirloom seed (never a GMO), cover crops, beneficial insects, crop rotations, mulching, rotational grazing, Bio-dynamic soil and plant feeding methods, water conservation; resulting in the ability to deliver the freshest produce (and added value foods) available — traveling less than 50 miles and within 12 hours of harvest.

Can I choose what I receive every week?

It’s not that we are inflexible, but we research and plan each new season months in advance, we start each crop weeks in advance in order to provide an equal share for each of our members every week. Due to seasonal availability you cannot “pick and choose” what’s available.  We encourage our members to build relationships with one another, and if there are some items you care for more than others, see about trading  items with those members that you see every week at the host food share drop-site.  Also, please keep in mind, we are providing nutrient dense food from our farm. When you shop at a grocery store, you have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of farms all around the world even if it isn’t packed with the vigor of our food, you will likely always find out-of-season produce there.

How much food do I get each week?

You will receive at least 6 different types of vegetables and herbs each week during our growing seasons. There will be times when surprises are added as we strive to keep your weekly delivery fun and exciting.

Meat Birds Enjoying Clover

Do you offer cheese, beef or poultry?

Our FALSTER FARM FRESH FOOD CLUB Members can also enjoy weekly add-on items from Falster Farm and local farmer affiliates delivered with their produce share including Falling Star Gourmet Brand grass-fed, clover finished beef, pork, pastured poultry and honey (Bio-Dynamic honey the likes of which you have never had). Also,  farmstead artisan cheese, eggs, fresh fire-baked bread and other lacto-fermented foods will be available at different times.

These will be listed for you to purchase weekly and are not required but will be a delicious option for you to take advantage of.

Can I visit the farm?

Our food club members are always welcome to visit the farm, however we require that you (as all our customers) give us a call ahead of time to be sure that we can break off work scheduled in order to give you the attention you deserve. Groups are welcome to tour the farm with fees applied and by appointment only. We also host seasonal events (Fall and Spring Round-up of cattle, Poultry Processing, Honey Harvesting, & Farm Day to mention a few.) We are eager to share our farm with the public, sharing our knowledge is a vital part of our mission statement. Upcoming events will be posted on our website Face Book and email alerts.

Where are your drop sites?

In Winnsboro: The Little Herb Shop on Elm Street. Friday or Saturday will be the scheduled drop day (to be determined). Our first Delivery is scheduled for April 12/April 13, 2013. We may be able to make other arrangements if you contact us. If we have enough interest, we will be making a drop in Tyler, Texas as well. See our expected drop sites.

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